In today’s highly-competitive global marketplace, the need for ‘expertise on tap’ continues to expand. Organisations are thus increasingly reliant on a widening range of functional external experts to acquire and master the capabilities to perform and grow.

From strategy and organisation to operations and systems, Kinobi possesses the ability to closely link functional know-how and industry knowledge, to deliver a solution-focused outcome for its clients. Connecting people, technology to realise ideas that will drive momentum to deliver lasting value and improve new business opportunities for your company.

Exist to provide businesses and organisations with a competitive advantage by helping them to strategically reduce costs, improve supplier relationships, reduce waste, enhance cash flows and ultimately, realise procurements’ contribution to their own internal value-chain.


Assisting businesses and organisations to restructure their resources, systems and processes in order for them to be more effective and deliver on their chosen goal.

Recognising the need to move away from "cost" to "value" and from a processed driven "bureaucracy" to "entrepreneurship". The world of suppliers provides a wealth of opportunities and without the vision and ambition to seek them out a company will not break free from the model of 'cost down' is king.

Acting as interim transition managers or as board-level consultants, we team with our clients – shareholders, boards, divisional directors – to achieve jointly established objectives for EBITDA, treasury and working capital, costs or margins.

Our value lies in the speed of the action.